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Name:More Emmett than Brian
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Community description:Community for effeminate transguys (of all sexual orientations)
This community was designed for the more effeminate transguys. The guys who like glitter or nailpolish or pink or simply are more metro than butch. We're the guys who talk with our hands and get looked at funny when we refuse to follow all the standard "passing tips".

Some of us are straight, most of us are probably gay, quite a few are bi/pansexual. We're artists, geeks, vegans, omnivores, tall, short, metro, flamboyant, blue collar, white collar, and everything in between. Most of all, we want to be seen as men without giving up the aspects of our personalities that aren't butch stereotypes.

1: No personal attacks.
2: No sissyphobia. I'm amazed I even have to say this, but after experiences on other needs to be spelled out.
3: No other negative -isms or -phobias.
4: Stay on topic.
5: No poetry.
6: No explicit content.
7: Photos and large posts behind a cut.
8: Get admin approval before posting community promos.

I plan on moderating with a very light hand, we're all old enough to behave properly so I see no reason to treat you like children.

Please note that this community is for people who identify as men. If you want to be an androgynous man I obviously have no issues with that (check out the name of the comm), I simply want to make sure that this doesn't turn into a second form of [community profile] polygender. This does NOT mean that you must be currently transitioning in any way. So long as you want to be seen as a guy you're good.

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